Dove Release

Bride and Groom Releasing Doves

Doves mate for life … Why not consider this symbol as a special gift for a couple, which will be appreciated and remembered, representing the pledge by newlyweds to sustain and advance each other in their plans, ideas, and aspirations.

Doves are in simple terms, pigeons; they are excellent navigators and can be trained to do many wonderful things.  After their release they easily find their way home.

The dove has continually held the symbol of peace …

  • A Dove returned to Noah with the olive branch, it’s ‘still in flight,’ representation, is a
    reminder of its importance as a messenger.

  • Early man thought they were the sacred companion of the Gods

  • The Ancient Egyptians were said to be the first people to domesticate the Pigeon/Dove.

  • Assyrians refrained from harming them. The Hindu god of love (Kamadeva) rides a dove

  • Doves pull the chariot of the Greek goddess of love (Aphrodite)

  • The Pigeon/Dove was sacred to Venus/Aphrodite

  • The Dove is the Christian symbol of peace.

  • The Dove is the Japanese symbol of continued peace.

  • Amerindians believe spirits are in the form of a Dove.

  • Pope John Paul II was notably fond of white doves and was often depicted with them.

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