Nowadays we get to know more and more couples who plan to get married during winter time. In the Smoky Mountains it seems to be a popular choice and the are some very good reasons behind it. A winter wedding is different, it is beautiful (especially if it´s snowing), you have a better chance booking your dream venue, plus you don´t really need to stress about the weather. On the other hand you might find it harder to choose the color palette that fits the season as well. As a little help, we gathered here some tips for you to create the perfect wedding hues.

  1. If you have already found the venue, take a look around and imagine what style, patterns, textures and colors would fit it the best. See venues and options here Smoky Mountains Wedding Venues
  2. If the restaurant/ballroom has dominantly dark colors, bring some light in with lighter shades.
  3. No decoration looks good in the dark, so add candles and string lights to set a warm, welcoming feeling. Instead of one big lamp, use several smaller light sources.
  4. If you have an absolute favourite shade, go for it. As colors go well in pair, pick an opposite hue from the color wheel, or pick a neutral one with it. This way the composition will be in balance.
  5. Don´t use way too many colors, 2-4 is the the ideal number. Using less colors creates a cohesive flow to your decorations and stationery without being too flat or too forced.
  6. Metallic hues go with winter season hand in hand. Now it´s a good time to use silver, gold, brass or bronze.
  7. Checking the textures and patterns you´re using is just as important as choosing the right colors. Before you make decisions, try to match them together to see if they look good side by side or not.
  8. Don´t overdo it, keep it simple.
  9. Get inspired by the magazines, Pinterest or wedding bloggers. There are some pretty amazing ideas out there. Or you can have on of our wedding planners help you with your smoky Mountains Winter Wedding planning.

I hope that these tips were helpful to you. To the end let me show you some popular color combinations for the winter season. Call our wedding planners to start helping you today!

Navy blue and gold

Winter wedding colors navy gold ivory

Photography source: Ruffled blog / / Inspired by this  / Lindsey Brunk / Pinterest / Modwedding / Weddingwindow

Dusty blue and white

Winter wedding dusty blue white

Photography source: Pinterest / Burnetts Boards / Jose Villa / Caffun-e / Intimate wedding / Once Wed

Buttercream, red and green

winter wedding colors_red green

Photography source: Wedding chicks / Green wedding shoes / Elizabeth Anne / The lovely find / Pinterest / Ruffled blog / Wedding gawker